Thadclub Safety Solutions is the most flexible option for your organization’s safety training needs.  With two decades of experience in the construction industry, Thadclub understands the challenges that your organization may face and therefore we do not use the typical cookie cutter approach that most firms employ.  Thadclub Safety Solutions is the only firm flexible enough to offer 7 days-a-week service to accommodate your workforce.  We truly offer the best value-added expertise to any organization regardless of the size or fiscal position.


Thadclub Safety Solutions offers training services for just about any scenario.  We understand that budgets are tight, therefore we do not require a minimum base fee for our assistance.  Our scope of services may be selected on an a la-carte basis to ensure that even the smallest organization receives the necessary help that they deserve.


Thadclub Safety Solutions was established out of necessity, to provide top tier guidance to organizations with limited resources.  We know that public demand for service continues to grow while budgeted resources become less available, it is our goal to offer value-added expertise to any organization at a reasonable rate.


To schedule a free consultation, please send an email or give us a call.  We strive to respond as quick as possible.  Thanks again for your interest!